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Unlocking the Potential of Your Ideas

Rewriting Skills

For some writers, it isn't getting the original words on paper that's the challenge, but rewriting the first and second drafts. Using the random paragraph generator can be a good way to get into a rewriting routine before beginning the project. In this case, you take the random paragraph and rewrite it so it retains the same meaning, but does so in a better and more concise way. Beginning the day doing this with a random paragraph can make the rewriting of an article, short story, or chapter of a book much easier than trying to begin directly with it.

Overcome Writers' Block

When it comes to writers' block, often the most difficult part is simply beginning to put words to paper. One way that can often help is to write about something completely different from what you're having the writers' block about. This is where a random paragraph can be quite helpful. By using this tool you can begin to chip away at the writers' block by simply adding to the random paragraph that appears with the knowledge that it's going to be completely different from any writing you've been doing. Then once you begin to put words on the paper, it should be easier to transition into the writing that needs to get done.

Difficult Writing Challenge

For those who are looking for a difficult writing challenge, the random paragraph generator can provide that as well. Instead of writing about the entire paragraph, take each sentence in the paragraph and make each of those individual sentences the first or last sentence of each paragraph of a short story. Trying this difficult writing challenge should stretch your creativity to the limit.

The best way to use these random paragraphs is to generate a few and see how they can help with whatever project you're currently pursuing. You should be able to figure out quickly if this tool will be beneficial for your project or needs. Often times the best way to see if it's what you've been looking for is to use it and find out for yourself.

We're always seeking constructive ideas on how we can improve our random paragraph generator. If you have used this tool and have an idea on how we could improve it for the benefit of everyone, we'd love to hear from you. Take a moment to email us with your ideas so we can consider them for future updates.