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Shuffle Dance Master Class Vol 1. | How to Shuffle Dance

What learn

  • Have the Ability to Solve any SQL Problem
  • Allow your clients to update their websites by themselves by creating user accounts
  • Data has become the hottest topic in technology


  • Ability to count beats


Ever seen one of those pro Shuffle Dancers bust out a move at a festival?

People gather around, to cheer them on. Everyone pulls out their phone to record them and they get featured on YouTube and the EDM online forums.

It's gotta be pretty sweet being the center of attention right?

Well, if you're looking to also become the center of attention at the next music festival, then I've created this Shuffle Dance Masterclass for you!

How is it different from these other 6-min dance tutorials out there?

When you're trying to pick up a new language -- let's say French for example -- you can't really watch a "Top 10 useful French phrases" video to learn how to speak French right? 

Instead, if you want to learn how to speak French, you need to learn the French vocabulary, get the right amount of practice of these words, and then, you need to learn how to put the vocabulary together in the right order. 

After doing all these things, you can begin to start constructing sentences and speaking speaking French, right?

Learning the language of "Shuffle Dancing" is the same way!

The free 6-minute Shuffle tutorials out there teach you singular dance moves, but it doesn't teach you how to actually Shuffle DANCE. 

The Shuffle Dance Masterclass on the other hand, teaches you.. 

The right dance moves in the right pace

Guides you through the right amount of repetition so you can perform the moves effortlessly

Show you how to connect the dance moves together

How to finally become fluent in the language of Shuffle Dancing

Also, you'll learn a 20 second Shuffle Routine so you have something ready for the next music Festival right away!

Once you've gone through this course, and follow through with the exercises, you will be ready for the Shuffle dance circle at the next event.

Get started with the course now!

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